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In September, Boisfeuillet Jones, Jr. was named publisher and chief executive officer of The Washington Post. Donald Graham became chairman of the newspaper.

In June, Kaplan entered the postsecondary education industry by acquiring Quest Education Corporation, a network of 30 career colleges. Today, higher education is Kaplan’s largest business.

Kaplan expanded its presence in the U.K. and Asia with the acquisition of London-based Financial Training Company (now Kaplan Financial), a leading provider of accountancy and financial services. Kaplan also acquired Dublin Business School in Ireland.

In August, the company launched EXPRESS, a free commuter newspaper, in the Washington, DC market.

Katharine Graham died on July 17 at the age of 84.

In March, Alan Frank became president and chief executive officer of Post–Newsweek Stations.

In May, the company bought El Tiempo Latino, a Spanish-language newspaper serving the Washington metropolitan area.

In May, Kaplan acquired Asia Pacific Management Institute (now APMI Kaplan), one of the largest private education providers for undergraduate and postgraduate students, executives and managers in Asia. In August, Kaplan acquired Kidum, the leading provider of test prep in Israel.

In January, the company bought Slate, the online magazine, from Microsoft Corp.

In May, Kaplan acquired Tribeca Learning, a leading provider of education to the Australian financial services sector. In October, Kaplan acquired Aspect Education, one of the largest providers of English language instruction in the world, with schools in the U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the U.S.

At the end of 2007, The Washington Post Company began describing itself as an education and media company to reflect that Kaplan’s revenue is now almost half of the company’s total revenue.

In November, Kaplan also became a majority stakeholder in ACE Education, offering foundation-year and degree-granting programs in China for students seeking entry to U.K. universities.

In April, Kaplan expanded its presence in the Asia Pacific region with the acquisition of Finsia Education, the education and training arm of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia.

Andrew Rosen was named chairman and chief executive officer of Kaplan in November.

The Washington Post Company acquired Foreign Policy magazine in September.

In September, Marcus Brauchli was named executive editor of The Washington Post, succeeding Leonard Downie, Jr.

In June, Hal S. Jones succeeded John B. Morse, Jr. as senior vice president–finance and chief financial officer of The Washington Post Company.

In February, Katharine Weymouth was named chief executive officer of Washington Post Media (The Washington Post, Express and El Tiempo Latino) and publisher of The Washington Post.

In June, Kaplan restructured its businesses into four units to drive greater collaboration and better leverage its content and technology. The company’s business units now include Kaplan Higher Education (U.S.), Kaplan Test Prep, Kaplan International and Kaplan Ventures.

Throughout the year, the print and online operations of The Washington Post were integrated.

In January, Liz Spayd and Raju Narisetti were named managing editors of The Washington Post.

On September 30, Harman Newsweek LLC purchased Newsweek magazine from The Washington Post Company.

In September, Katharine Weymouth, CEO of Washington Post Media and publisher of The Washington Post, was elected a director of The Washington Post Company.

In August, The Washington Post Company announced the sale of Newsweek to Dr. Sidney Harman.

In May, Warren Buffett retired from the Company's Board of Directors after serving for 37 years. This was the last outside board of directors from which Buffett retired.

In January, The Washington Post Company launched SocialCode, which unlocks the power of social media and helps brands gather, engage, incentivize and understand users. SocialCode's data-driven approach offers the most advanced advertising and analytics on Facebook®.

In November, the Company acquired a majority interest in Celtic Healthcare, a provider of home healthcare and hospice services.

In September, Dave Goldberg, CEO of SurveyMonkey, was elected a director of The Washington Post Company.

In May, Emily Barr was named to succeed Alan Frank, president and CEO of Post-Newsweek Stations, at year-end.

On November 18, the Company was renamed Graham Holdings Company, effective on November 29.

On October 1, the Company completed the sale of The Washington Post and other newspaper division assets.

On August 5, the Company announced an agreement to sell The Washington Post newspaper and other newspaper division assets to Jeffrey P. Bezos.

In August, the Company purchased Forney Corporation, a global supplier of products and systems that control and monitor combustion processes in electric utility and industrial applications.

In March, the Company completed the sale of The Everett Herald to Sound Publishing.

In January, Martin Baron was named executive editor of The Washington Post.

On November 13, the Company announced it will spin-off Cable ONE, contingent on a number of conditions, in 2015.

On October 1, Timothy O'Shaughnessy was named president of the Company, effective November 1.

On August 5, Graham Holdings announced that the Company and its partners had agreed to sell their shares in Classified Ventures to Gannett. Graham Holdings’ share is 16.5%.

On July 28, Post–Newsweek Stations was renamed Graham Media Group.

On July 3, Graham Holdings acquired a majority interest in Residential Healthcare Group.

On June 30, Berkshire Hathaway acquired WPLG-TV from Graham Holdings.

On May 30, Graham Holdings acquired Joyce/Dayton Corp., a Dayton, OH-based manufacturer of screw jacks and other linear motion equipment.

On April 11, Graham Holdings and Berkshire Hathaway signed an agreement for Berkshire to acquire WPLG-TV, GHC's NBC affiliate in Miami.

On April 1, Andrew S. Rosen became chairman and Thomas C. Leppert became chief executive officer of Kaplan, Inc. Rosen also was named a senior vice president of Graham Holdings.

On November 14, Graham Holdings acquired Group Dekko, a Garrett, IN-based manufacturer of electrical solutions for applications across three business lines: workspace power solutions, architectural lighting, and electrical components and assemblies.

On November 13, Timothy O'Shaughnessy was named president and chief executive officer of Graham Holdings Company. He succeeded Donald E. Graham who was chief executive officer for over 24 years.

On November 13, James H. Shelton, Chief Impact Officer of 2U, was elected a director of Graham Holdings Company.

On July 1, Graham Holdings Completes Spin-off of Cable ONE.

On December 22, Wallace R. Cooney succeeded Hal S. Jones as senior vice president-finance and chief financial officer of Graham Holdings Company.

On May 27, Graham Media Group agrees to acquire WCWJ-TV, CW affiliate in Jacksonville, FL and WSLS-TV, NBC Affiliate in Roanoke, VA.

On May 4, Jack A. Markell, former Governor of Delaware, was elected a director of Graham Holdings Company.

On April 27, Purdue University acquired Kaplan University’s institutional assets to form a new public university to serve adult learners (subject to regulatory approval).

On April 3, Graham Holdings acquired Hoover Treated Wood Products, Inc., a Thomson, GA- based supplier of pressure-impregnated kiln-dried lumber and plywood products for fire retardant and preservative applications.

On January 17, Graham Media Group completes deal with Nexstar Broadcasting Group acquiring WCWJ-TV (Jacksonville) and WSLS-TV (Roanoke).

On May 30, Graham Holdings completes refinancing of $400 million of senior secured notes.

On March 28, Kaplan University/Purdue University transaction completed.

On July 31, Graham Holdings acquired Clyde’s Restaurant Group which is comprised of thirteen restaurants and entertainment venues including eight Clyde’s locations, Old Ebbitt Grill, The Hamilton, 1789 Restaurant, The Soundry and The Tombs.

On January 31, Graham Holdings acquired two automobile dealerships: Lexus of Rockville and Honda of Tysons Corner.

On December 8, Graham Holdings Company sold Megaphone to Spotify.

On May 15, Graham Holdings acquired Framebridge, a custom framing service company.