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Commitment to Employees

Graham Holdings recognizes the importance of attracting, developing, and retaining highly qualified employees throughout each of its businesses and promote human capital within its organization.

The Company employs approximately 19,900 people worldwide, of which approximately 12,511 are employed in the U.S. and approximately 7,390 are employed outside the U.S. across the enterprise.

Oversight and Management

The Company’s human resources organization and the human resource organizations of its various businesses manage employment-related matters, including recruiting and hiring, training, compensation, workplace safety, performance management, support for specific needs including supporting employees who are caregivers or working remotely, and creating diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies. The Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors provides oversight of certain human capital matters, including compensation and benefits, executive development, workforce diversity and inclusion initiatives, and succession planning.

Ethics and Integrity

The Company’s culture of trust and integrity is led and driven by senior management and supported by our internal practices, regular communications, and ongoing training efforts. Those expectations are codified in our Code of Business Conduct, which every employee receives and is trained on as part of our regular compliance training efforts. Employees and stakeholders are encouraged to address any concerns with their managers and business leaders.

The Company also provides a dedicated communication channel, the Ethics Hotline, to report possible violations of the Code of Business Conduct or concerns about ethics or integrity in the workplace. The Company’s Ethics Hotline is independently operated by a third party and anonymity is ensured upon request. Reports are forwarded to appropriate individuals within the Company for investigation. Every allegation is professionally and confidentially handled.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are a high priority across the Company. The Company requires all business units to set actionable goals and promote policies prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion. The progress on those goals is presented to the Board annually. The GHC Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council, a panel of DEI practitioners from across the business units, meets regularly to build community and accountability and support ongoing progress. Additionally, the Company has invested in several initiatives including an internal podcast focused on sharing insights and best practices about DEI with all employees.

Talent Development and Training

The Company is committed to the continued growth and development of its employees across all businesses. While development opportunities vary across businesses, the Company seeks to offer a variety of learning opportunities, including virtual learning, on-the-job mentoring and coaching. U.S. employees complete core harassment and discrimination training and ethics training and all employees are offered specific skills training designed to support the growth and advancement of their professional skills.

Compensation and Benefits

The Company offers competitive compensation and benefits programs to its employees. While the business units determine the compensation benefits structure, employee benefits may include healthcare and insurance benefits, health savings and flexible spending accounts, paid time off, family leave, employee assistance programs, tuition assistance programs, a matching gifts program, bonuses, long-term incentive compensation plans, Company-paid pension contributions and a 401(k) Plan. The Company offers discounts on courses and educational programs offered by Purdue Global to all full-time employees through the Gift of Knowledge program. The Company also offers a small group of eligible employees certain equity-based grants under the Company’s Incentive Compensation Plan with vesting and performance conditions to facilitate the attraction, retention, motivation and reward of key employees and to align their interests with those of the Company’s stockholders.

Emergency Assistance

Our commitment goes beyond the workplace. Graham Holdings provides grants to employees and retirees who have suffered a qualified financial hardship due to a personal emergency or natural or other disaster through our Emergency Assistance Fund. Click here to learn more.

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