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Code of Conduct

Graham Holdings Company has always had strong principles guiding the way we do business and the way we treat each other, our customers, suppliers and partners. We have sought to conduct our operations in accordance with the highest standards of business ethics and compliance with all applicable laws.

These values are communicated to employees in writing, orally and through our daily actions. Every employee is expected to and should be proud to meet our high standards of behavior. A variety of written and verbal policies and procedures describe how these values translate into day-to-day decisions. Furthermore, we recognize how we greatly benefit from long-term employees who teach newcomers what it means to conduct business as a representative of Graham Holdings Company.

Our employees are located in nearly every state in the United States and in many countries throughout the world – many in small operations with just a few people. We want to make sure that every employee at every location shares our way of doing business and understands the high priority that we place on ethical business conduct.

All employees are covered by the Code of Business Conduct and we insist that our contractors, consultants, agents or anyone else who operates in our name observe no lesser standards.

The Code of Business Conduct represents an overview of the corporate policies that should govern all employees’ actions. It is not a replacement for operating unit policies and procedures that address the specifics of the businesses and environments in which they operate, or which may impose stricter or more detailed requirements. Nor does it cover every potential situation. But it does establish general principles and specify where to go for answers to questions.

High standards of business conduct are central to what we are. We believe in doing the right thing and we believe that the long-term success of our business depends on it.

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