Business Units


Graham Media Group (formerly Post–Newsweek Stations) owns five local television stations—recognized as news leaders: KPRC–Houston (NBC) and WDIV–Detroit; KSAT–San Antonio (ABC); WKMG–Orlando (CBS); and WJXT–Jacksonville (independent). The stations also broadcast digital channels focusing on classic television and lifestyle programming, in addition to operating market-leading websites, mobile sites and mobile apps delivering breaking news, weather and community news, reaching millions of users across each platform. And all are deeply involved in local initiatives and public service projects designed to serve, inform and improve their respective communities.


  • Emily L. Barr
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Marla Drutz
    Vice President and General Manager, WDIV-Detroit
  • Jerry Martin
    Vice President and General Manager, KPRC-Houston
  • Phil Lane
    Vice President and General Manager, KSAT-San Antonio
  • Skip Valet
    Vice President and General Manager, WKMG-Orlando
  • Bob Ellis
    Vice President and General Manager, WJXT-Jacksonville

WDIV–NBC affiliate in Detroit


KPRC–NBC affiliate in Houston


WKMG–CBS affiliate in Orlando

Live Well Network Orlando


KSAT–ABC affiliate in San Antonio

MeTV–San Antonio

WJXT–Independent in Jacksonville



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