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Investor Relations

SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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separately leases two corporate offices, totaling 64,128 square feet, in La Crosse, WI, under leases that will expire in 2022; a two-story, 124,500-square-foot building in Orlando, FL, that is used as an additional support center (of which approximately 70,000 square feet have been subleased to a third party), pursuant to a lease that will expire in 2021; and 88,800 square feet of corporate office space in Plantation, FL (which has been entirely subleased to a third party), for a term that expires in 2021. Kaplan, Inc. and KTP have signed a sublease for 84,500 square feet in New York (expiring in May 2021). Kaplan, Inc. and KTP also separately lease 159,540 square feet in New York; however, the location has been entirely subleased to a third party through the remainder of the lease term. KTP has an additional 63 leases comprising approximately 190,119 square feet of office and instructional space. KTP also delivers classes at schools, colleges, hotels and other premises for which Kaplan is not a leaseholder.
In addition, the KI English business maintains more than 24 leases in the U.S., comprising an aggregate of over 300,000 square feet of office, instructional and dormitory space.
Overseas, Dublin Business School’s facilities in Dublin, Ireland, are located in five buildings, aggregating approximately 74,000 square feet of space, that are rented under leases expiring between 2018 and 2029. Kaplan Publishing has an office and distribution warehouse in Wokingham, Berkshire, U.K., of 27,000 square feet, under a lease expiring in 2027. Kaplan Financial’s largest leaseholds are office and instructional spaces in London, U.K., of 33,000 square feet (expiring in 2033) and 50,200 square feet (comprising two leases) obtained in January 2015 and expiring in 2030; office and instructional space in Birmingham, U.K., of 23,600 square feet (expiring in 2027); office and instructional space in Manchester, U.K., of 15,900 square feet (comprising four separate leases, expiring in 2022); office and instructional space in Singapore, of 162,000 square feet (comprising five separate leases, expiring between 2019 and 2021); and office and instructional space in Hong Kong, of 30,850 square feet.
Palace House in London, U.K., is primarily occupied by the KIC Pathways business with 20,200 square feet of space (comprising three separate leases, expiring in 2032). The KIC Pathways business has also entered into a separate lease agreement under which it will agree to take further additional leases in Palace House also expiring in 2032 totaling approximately 22,281 square feet once certain works are completed in the building. Once the additional leases are complete, the Palace House leases will total approximately 44,078 square feet.
Kaplan has a new lease expiring in 2026 for education space in Nottingham, U.K., totaling 16,455 square feet. In addition, Kaplan has entered into two separate leases in Glasgow, Scotland, for 58,000 square feet and 22,400 square feet, respectively, of dormitory space that was constructed and opened to students in 2012. These leases expire in 2032. In addition, Kaplan leases approximately 143,000 square feet of dormitory space as the main tenant of a student residential building in Nottingham, U.K. Kaplan has further entered into a lease for a residential college in Bournemouth, England, which comprises approximately 175,000 square feet. Kaplan has entered into an agreement for a lease in Brighton, U.K., for dormitory space totaling 128,779 square feet. This lease, once granted, is anticipated to expire in 2040, subject to possible permitted delays, which could extend the expiry date to 2041 or 2042. Kaplan has further entered into a conditional agreement for a lease in Bath, U.K., of newly constructed dormitory and education space totaling 151,353 square feet once conditions are met and construction has been completed. Once granted, the term of the lease will be 21 years and seven days.
In Australia, Kaplan leases one location in Melbourne, with an aggregate of approximately 76,000 square feet; four locations in Sydney, of approximately 57,000 square feet; one location in Brisbane, of 39,000 square feet; and three locations in Adelaide, of 24,750 square feet. These leases expire at various times, from 2018 through 2022. The University of Adelaide College (formerly Bradford College), in Adelaide, Australia, leases one location, with an aggregate of 22,184 square feet; and Murdoch Institute of Technology is housed in one location on the Murdoch University campus, under a license agreement, of 3,750 square feet. In New Zealand, Kaplan leases two locations of approximately 10,300 square feet. These leases expire in 2018 and 2021. All other Kaplan facilities in the U.S. and overseas (including administrative offices and instructional locations) occupy leased premises that are for less space than those listed above.
The offices of the Company’s broadcasting operations are located in leased space in Chicago, IL. The operations of each of the Company’s television stations are owned by subsidiaries of the Company, as are the related tower sites (except in Houston, Orlando and Jacksonville, where the tower sites are 50% owned).
GHG’s Celtic headquarters are located in leased space in Mars, PA. This lease expires in 2022. In addition to its headquarters, Celtic leases 10 small office spaces in its various service territories: Carlisle, PA; Mechanicsburg, PA; Williamsport, PA; Harrisburg, PA; Kingston, PA; Milford, PA; Stroudsburg, PA; Shiloh, IL; Marion, IL; and Mt. Vernon, IL. Additionally, Celtic leases space for a hospice inpatient unit in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Celtic also owns a total of four properties located in Carlinville, IL; Centralia, IL; Murphysboro, IL; and Benton, IL. GHG’s Residential Michigan corporate office is located in leased space in Troy, MI. Residential also leases office space in Grand Rapids, MI; Lapeer, MI; Detroit, MI; and Lansing, MI. In Illinois, GHG’s Residential corporate office is located in Downer’s Grove, IL. Residential also leases space in Naperville and Elmhurst, IL.