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Investor Relations

SEC Filings

GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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failure to comply may expose the Company to civil, criminal and administrative fees, fines, penalties and interruptions in operations that could have a material adverse impact on the Company’s results of operations, financial position or cash flows.
The Company May Be Subject to Liability Claims That Could Have a Material Adverse Effect on Its Business
The Company’s manufacturing operations are subject to hazards inherent in manufacturing and production-related facilities. An accident involving these operations or equipment may result in losses due to personal injury; loss of life; damage or destruction of property, equipment or the environment; or a suspension of operations. Insurance may not protect the Company against liability for certain kinds of events, including events involving pollution, or against losses resulting from business interruption. Any damages caused by the Company’s operations that are not covered by insurance, or are in excess of policy limits, could materially adversely affect the Company’s result of operations, financial position or cash flows.
Changes in Business Conditions May Cause Goodwill and Other Intangible Assets to Become Impaired
Goodwill generally represents the purchase price paid in excess of the fair value of net tangible and intangible assets acquired in a business combination. Goodwill is not amortized and remains on the Company’s balance sheet indefinitely unless there is an impairment or a sale of a portion of the business. Goodwill is subject to an impairment test on an annual basis and when circumstances indicate that an impairment is more likely than not. Such circumstances include an adverse change in the business climate for one of the Company’s businesses or a decision to dispose of a business or a significant portion of a business. The Company’s businesses each face uncertainty in their business environment due to a variety of factors. The Company may experience unforeseen circumstances that adversely affect the value of the Company’s goodwill or intangible assets and trigger an evaluation of the amount of the recorded goodwill and intangible assets. Future write-offs of goodwill or other intangible assets as a result of an impairment in the business could adversely affect the Company’s results of operations and financial condition.
The Spin-Off of Cable ONE Could Result in Significant Tax Liability to the Company and Its Stockholders
In connection with the Company’s spin-off of Cable ONE, it received a written opinion of counsel to the effect that the distribution of Cable ONE common stock in the spin-off (Distribution) should qualify for non-recognition of gain and loss under Section 355 of the Internal Revenue Code.
The opinion assumed that the spin-off was completed according to the terms of the transaction documents for the spin-off and relied on the facts as stated in those documents and a number of other documents. The opinion cannot be relied on if any of these assumptions or statements is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate in any material respect. The opinion of counsel is not binding on the Internal Revenue Service or the courts, and there can be no assurance that the Internal Revenue Service or a court will not take a contrary position.
If the Distribution were determined not to qualify for non-recognition of gain and loss, the Company, its stockholders who received shares of Cable ONE common stock in the Distribution, or both, could be subject to tax. Any such tax liability could be material.
Item 1B. Unresolved Staff Comments.
Not applicable.
Item 2. Properties.
The Company leases space for its corporate offices in Arlington, VA. The space consists of 33,815 square feet of office space, and the lease expires in 2024, subject to an option of the Company to extend.
Directly or through its subsidiaries, Kaplan owns a total of four properties: a 36,000-square-foot, six-story building located at 131 West 56th Street in New York City, used by the Kaplan Test Preparation division as an education center primarily for medical students; a redeveloped 47,410-square-foot, four-story brick building in Lincoln, NE, used by KU; a 4,000-square-foot office condominium in Chapel Hill, NC, utilized by KTP; and a 15,000-square-foot, three-story building in Berkeley, CA, used by KTP and KIC North America. KI has also entered into a 135-year lease of land in Liverpool, U.K., intended for the construction of college and dormitory space totaling 128,015 square feet.
In the U.S., Kaplan, Inc. and KHE lease corporate offices, together with a data center, call center and employee-training facilities, in two 97,000-square-foot buildings located on adjacent lots in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Both of those leases will expire in 2024. Kaplan, Inc. and KHE share corporate office space in a 23,364-square-foot office building in Alpharetta, GA, under a lease that expires in 2021. KHE leases 62,500 square feet of corporate office space in Chicago, IL, under a lease that will expire in 2022 (of which approximately 21,000 square feet have been subleased through the remainder of the term). KHE also separately leases 76,500 square feet of office space in Chicago, IL; however, the location has been entirely subleased through the remainder of the lease term. In addition, KHE