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Investor Relations

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GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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Item 1. Business.
Graham Holdings Company (the Company) is a diversified education and media company whose operations include educational services, television broadcasting, online print and local TV news, home health and hospice care and manufacturing. The Company’s Kaplan subsidiary provides a wide variety of educational services, both domestically and outside the United States. The Company’s media operations comprise the ownership and operation of television broadcasting (through the ownership and operation of seven television broadcast stations), plus Slate and Foreign Policy magazines and Panoply, a podcast network. The Company also owns home health and hospice providers, four industrial companies and Social Code LLC, a marketing solutions provider.
Financial information concerning the principal segments of the Company’s business for the past three fiscal years is contained in Note 20 to the Company’s Consolidated Financial Statements appearing elsewhere in this Annual Report on Form 10-K. Revenues for each segment are shown in Note 20 gross of intersegment sales. Consolidated revenues are reported net of intersegment sales, which did not exceed 0.1% of consolidated operating revenues.
The Company’s operations in geographic areas outside the U.S. consist primarily of Kaplan’s non-U.S. operations. During the fiscal years 2017, 2016 and 2015, these operations accounted for approximately 25%, 25% and 26%, respectively, of the Company’s consolidated revenues, and the identifiable assets attributable to non-U.S. operations represented approximately 21% and 20% of the Company’s consolidated assets at December 31, 2017 and 2016, respectively.
Kaplan, Inc. (Kaplan), a subsidiary of the Company, provides an extensive range of education and related services worldwide for students and professionals. Kaplan conducts its operations through three segments: Kaplan Higher Education, Kaplan Test Preparation and Kaplan International. In addition, the results of the Kaplan Corporate segment include investment activities, identifying and investing in high-growth-potential education technology companies.
The following table presents revenues for each of Kaplan’s segments:
Year Ended December 31
(in thousands)
Kaplan Higher Education



Kaplan Test Preparation



Kaplan International



Kaplan Corporate and Intersegment Eliminations

Total Kaplan Revenue



Kaplan Higher Education
Kaplan Higher Education (KHE) currently consists of Kaplan University (KU). KU provides a wide array of certificate, diploma and degree programs designed to meet the needs of students seeking to advance their education and career goals.
Potential Transaction
On April 27, 2017, certain Kaplan subsidiaries entered into a Contribution and Transfer Agreement (Transfer Agreement) to contribute the institutional assets and operations of KU to a new, non-profit, public-benefit corporation affiliated with Purdue University (Purdue) in exchange for a Transition and Operations Support Agreement (TOSA), to provide key non-academic operations support to the new university. The new university will operate almost exclusively online as a new Indiana public university affiliated with Purdue under the name Purdue University Global. As part of the transfer to the new university, KU will transfer students, academic personnel, faculty and operations, property leases for KU’s campuses and learning centers, Kaplan-owned academic curricula and content related to KU courses. The operations support activities that Kaplan will provide to the new university will include technology support, help-desk functions, human resources support for transferred faculty and employees, admissions support, financial aid administration, marketing and advertising, back-office business functions, certain test preparation and domestic and international student recruiting services.
The proposed transfer of KU does not include any of the assets of the KU School of Professional and Continuing Education, which provides professional training and exam preparation for professional certifications and licensures, nor does it include the transfer of other Kaplan businesses such as Kaplan Test Preparation and Kaplan International. Those entities, programs and business lines will remain part of Kaplan. Kaplan will receive nominal cash consideration upon transfer of the institutional assets.