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GRAHAM HOLDINGS CO filed this Form 10-K on 02/23/2018
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In Australia, Kaplan delivers a broad range of financial services programs from certificate level through Master’s level, together with professional development offerings through Kaplan Professional, as well as higher education programs in business, accounting, hospitality and tourism and management through Kaplan Business School. In 2017, these businesses provided courses to approximately 1,800 students at any one time through face-to-face classroom programs (within Kaplan Business School) and to a total of approximately 43,000 students through online or distance-learning programs offered by Kaplan Professional.
Kaplan Australia’s English-language business is part of KI English, which operates across six locations in Australia and one location in New Zealand, teaching more than 7,500 students throughout 2017. In 2017, the Kaplan International English School in Cairns was sold to a regionally-based distance-education provider, to allow Kaplan to refocus its English-language training businesses on metropolitan areas in Australia. The Kaplan Australia Pathways business is also part of KI Pathways. It consists of Murdoch Institute of Technology and the University of Adelaide College (formerly Bradford College) and offered face-to-face pathways and foundational education to 950 students wishing to enter Murdoch University in Perth and the University of Adelaide, respectively, at any one time throughout 2017.
In 2017, Kaplan Australia acquired Red Marker Pty Ltd., a machine learning and artificial intelligence-based provider of regulatory software. Its Artemis product detects potentially non-compliant content as it is being created, helping advisers and licensees to identify and remediate compliance risks associated with the promotion of financial products or services. This acquisition broadened Kaplan’s portfolio of compliance solutions to the financial services sector in Australia.
In Hong Kong, Kaplan operates three main business units: Kaplan Financial, Kaplan Language Training and Kaplan Higher Education, serving approximately 12,000 students annually.
Kaplan Hong Kong’s Financial division delivers preparatory courses to approximately 10,000 students and business executives wishing to earn professional qualifications in accountancy, financial markets designations and other professional courses.
Hong Kong’s Language Training division offers both test preparation for overseas study and college applications, including TOEFL, IELTS, SAT and GMAT, to approximately 1,000 students.
Kaplan Hong Kong Higher Education division offers both full-time and part-time programs to approximately 1,000 students studying for degrees from leading Western universities. Students earn Doctorate, Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Hong Kong. Kaplan also offers a proprietary pre-college diploma program through Kaplan Business and Accountancy School.
In 2014, Kaplan Holdings Limited (Hong Kong) signed a joint venture agreement with CITIC Press Corporation. Under the terms of the agreement, the parties have now incorporated a joint venture company, Kaplan CITIC Education Co. Limited, which is 49% owned by Kaplan Holdings Limited. The joint venture company is carrying out publishing and distribution of Kaplan Financial training products in China (including CFA, FRM and ACCA) and is expanding business with other Kaplan divisions under an intellectual property license from Kaplan.
Each of Kaplan’s international businesses is subject to unique and often complex regulatory environments in the countries in which they operate. The degree of consistency in the application and interpretation of such regulations can vary significantly in certain jurisdictions, which can make compliance challenging. No assurance can be given that Kaplan will be able to continue complying with foreign regulations, and failure to do so could materially and adversely affect Kaplans operating results.